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Beer Week in VIenna – only until Saturday!

It’s not the Beer Week organizers only goal to bring all the big breweries of the country together. They have a special focus of bringing a whole collection of beers from all around the country together. The event is thereby focused on the heritage of Anton Dreher, the inventor of the lager beer. At different locations one can participate in workshops, presentations, talks and of course tastings. So visitors can learn about beer, brewing and the multifaceted beer offer in Austria. We are especially looking forward to all the small exhibitors, creative breweries and medium sized family run breweries which love to convey their understanding of beer, ignoring mass production and commerce.Austria is famous for its long beer traditions and has kept them until today. Every year Austrians drink 104 litres of beer on average and therefore have the third highest beer consume per capita in Europe. But in Austria beer is more than just a drink. You drink it, if you celebrate, after a long day at the office, complimentary to a great meal, you use it for cooking and even as a household remedy you can find beer in every household in Austria. The history of Austrian beer dates back for a long time. Already 1229 the country’s first brewery was founded in Upper Austria. In the 19th century Vienna experienced its beer bloom. More and more breweries were founded and the selection of beer seemed endless. Today many things changed and Vienna’s big breweries either disappeared or left Vienna. In the meantime the big breweries of the country are now scattered all around the country. However for the organizers of the Beer Week this was no reason to invite them all to Vienna, the beer capital of the past. During a week long assignation of Austria’s beer brands the visitors can really enjoy a lot of different beer flavours.

Countless sorts of beer at the Bierfest

If you can’t get enough of the beer week and beer we can also recommend you the Craft Beer Festival. Of course they scheduled their events simultaneously and during this weekend both events take place. From 20th to 21st you will get a golden yellow surprise at the Anker-Expedithalle. Hand made beers and unique tastes are in the focus. More than 70 breweries from 12 countries present their creations and let you recognize how diversified the beer industry really is. Beers from Ireland, Hungary, Belgium and the United States but also from Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic are on display and ready to be tasted by the thirsty crowd.

This weekend is characterized by the Beer Week. Therefore there is only one destination for every beer lover this weekend – Vienna!