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Austrian Eco-Business Plan Label for Hostel Wien
Hostels were certified again with Austrian Eco-Label

As ecological-oriented hostels we take the responsibility for our environment very serious and we make great efforts to make an improvement in all areas. It is our wish to integrate our guests actively in our environmental measures and to show them the importance of environmental protection. We set ourselves the goal to continue as well as to improve the environmental protection.


As supplier of accommodation for sometimes very young guests it is also a personal concern to encourage this responsibility, also in respect of creating an intact environment for future generations.

Following measures are top-ranked for our staff and guests:

  • Courses of instructions and education for our employees to act environmentally friendly and be active in all areas and actions which are relevant to the environment
  • Detailed information about all our environmental activates for our guests and staff
  • To use all our resources efficiently
  • Waste prevention and of course waste separation
  • Careful handling with detergents
  • To use products with an environmental friendly packaging
  • The use of public transport
  • Satisfaction of guests through improved service without wasting resources
  • Conservation of nature for future generation
  • To be aware of a responsible exposure with drinking water

To propagate our actions which aim to preserve the environment we make an effort to implement the requirements of the „Austrian Ecolabel for accommodation facilities”.

This ecolabel makes it possible for costumers, public as well as private purchasers to buy ecofriendly products and products of high quality.

The eco criteria’s are the results of lots of scientific studies, discussions as well as consulting within the committee for environment.

Members of the committee are representers of the ecolabel such as representatives of environmental-, consumer-, and Industry associations, labour unions as well as ambassadors of small and middle sized enterprises (KMU) and the trade.

The aim of the Austrian Ecolabel for accommodation facilities is to reduce environment pollution and damage, which are occurring during the three phases of the life cycle of a product: (purchase, allocation, disposal). Other aims of the criteria of an eco label are:

  • Restricting, limitation of the energy consumption
  • Restricting of the water consumption
  • Waste reduction
  • Preferred use of renewable energy sources and substances which are less degrading to the environment

To reduce environmental pollution and damage we make an effort to boost the purchase of eco friendly products as well as to inform our guests and give them the possibility to support our goals.