After engaging with a calm and relaxing topic last week we want to present you another side of Vienna this week. It does not matter if you would like to have a nice cocktail evening with some friends, a great club experience in one of the mainstream clubs or if you want to experience something pretty special – in Vienna you can find it! Vienna does not offer you countless possibilities at day – but also at nighttime.

A cocktail evening with your friends

Those bars suit perfectly if you want to spend a great cocktail evening with your friends. Every one of the three bars offers delicious cocktails and a superb atmosphere.

TGI Fridays

American bar at TGI Friday’s

The TGI Friday’s awaits you with hearty American classics and a great cocktail selection directly at the Ring Street in the city centre. From the Hostel Vienna Hütteldorf you can get directly to the bar by metro. Just hop on the metro at Hütteldorf and get off at Karlsplatz. The TGI Friday’s is just a stone throw away from the station. If you arrive there you can appease your appetite with burgers and spare ribs and satisfy your thirst at the American bar. The bar offers you countless cocktail variations. You can choose of seven different Mojito cocktails for example. Between 5.00 and 7.00 p.m. you get all your cocktails for half the price and if you stay at Hostel Vienna Hütteldorf you get a € 5 free voucher as well!

El Dorado

At the small and cosy El Dorado you can dance to the rythm of Salsa, Marenque or Bachta while sipping on your cocktail. The El Dorado offers you two dance floors and two bars. All week long the bar arranges dance clases and every day there is a cocktail special!

First Floor

At the famous Bermuda triangle you can find everything you expect of a classic cocktail bar. Cosy chairs and a big bar that defines the whole room combined with great jazz vibes – that is the First Floor. Following the principle if classic – then real classic the bar is designed in the design of the 30’s. The cocktails you can order are classic as well. Here you can get a Martini like you want it, a traditional Whiskey Sour or an old fashioned Tom Collins.

Mainstream clubs in Vienna

Those three clubs offer you everything you expect of the typical nightlife – An enormous party, noisy beats and a dance-crazed crowd who turn the night into day.


Dance floor at U4

The U4 (German) is THE cultclub of Vienna. High societies like Falco, Prince or Kurt Cobain visited the U4 in the 80’s and so it became an established name within the nightlife of Vienna. Nowadays you can dance to different music styles at the U4. It does not matter if you like rock, oldies or mainstream – at the U4 there is something for everyone. Just check program before you go there. The U4 is just a few stops away from Hostel Vienna Hütteldorf. Stay at Hostel Vienna Hütteldorf and get a free cocktail at U4!

Club Couture

Situated in the mall Donauzentrum the Club Couture is a typical suburban club and fulfills all the clichés you expect. Noisy music, music enthusiast and a lot of alcohol is everything that a mainstream night needs.


The biggest club of Austria is directly at the Viennese Ferris wheel und is the Viennese mecca for EDM fans. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday the Praterdome offers you four different floors and 12 themed bars. You can listen to House, RnB, or music from the 90’s. A special highlight is the sensational midnight opening: Accompanied by a spectacular laser show, the moveable walls turn the two main dance floors into a huge uniquedancing palace.

Special Locations in Wien

Finaly we want to present you a real special location you will not see everyday – the Ra’mien!


Asian style at Ra’mien

A cool club with good cocktails and daily Live DJ is maybe not something you expect in the basement of a Chinese restaurant. But exactly there you can find the Ra’mien. The bar is opened from Tuesday to Saturday and everyday there are special discounts and drinks. Characteristically for an Asian club – every Tuesday is Karaoke night!

Vienna is famous as the city of music and for its countless sights from different eras. But beside of sightseeing Vienna offers its visitors something different namely hiking. Surrounded by the Viennese forest Vienna is a real hiking paradise with tracks for everyone. No matter if you want to do a small hike with your family or you want to circle the city on the 120 km long green belt – Vienna offers you the right choice. These hikes will definitely offer you a great balance to the hustle and bustle of the city. Our blog team has been on the track for you and checked some great trail for you.

City hiking path 4 of Vienna

Total distance: ca. 9 km
Duration: ca. 2.5 – 3 hours
Difficulty: medium
More information: Hiking paths of Vienna

Wanderlust in Vienna, Viennese forest near the Palace Hostel Vienna

Viennese forest near the Palace Hostel Vienna

The hiking trail 4 of Vienna directly passes by at the Palace Hostel Vienna and is therefore the perfect hiking path for all of our guests at the Palace Hostel. From the starting point on the trail leads you via the Predigtstuhl directly into the Viennese forest. In a little while you leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you and find yourself in the middle of greenery. Surrounded by nothing but pleasant silence you will overcome an altitude difference of about 100 meters before you reach the Heuberg, a small hill on an altitude of 464 meters. From there you hike on to the Kreuzeichenwiese. This clearing is a great place for a break and to get in contact with other hikers. After the short break you wander to the Jubiläumswarte. In 1898 the tower was built for the 50 years governmental anniversary of Emperor Franz Jospeh I., husband of the famous Empress Sissi. One year later the Jubiläumswarte was transferred to its actual position. Since then the site has been complemented and in 2012 the tower was renovated. The tower is accessible for free and on a clear day it offers a great view over Vienna, the Viennese forest and the bordering provinces Lower Austria and Burgenland. From the tower your trail leads you via the Otto König tower to the fire house Steinhof. From there you wander on to the cemetery of Ottakring. After passing by the cemetery you turn into the Erdbrust street and hike back to the Wilhelminenberg. Through the neighbourhood of Ottakring you reach the wine tavern of the winery Leitner(German). This tavern awaits you with Austrian cuisine and great wine and is a great place for a final break before you reach the Palace Hostel Vienna again. After the break you range through the vineyard back to the Palace Hostel Vienna where you can recover yourself from the hike.

Green belt, section 5

Total distance: ca. 3 km
Duration: ca. 30 minutes
Difficulty: easy
More information: Green belt (German)


Relaxing at the big gardens of the Steinhofgründe

Just a few steps from the Palace Hostel Vienna away section 5 of the green belt hiking trail starts. The hike starts at the fire house Steinhof. From there you wander through the Steinhofgründe, a big garden, heading to Hütteldorf. For a long time the gardens have been a great local recreational area for many Viennese citizens. In summer you can set your soul free and take a look at the playing kids during a picnic and in winter you can take your cross-country skis and take a ride on the runs through the gardens. From the Steinhofgründe you walk downwards through the Dehne park until you reach a street called Dehnegasse. From there you reach via the two streets Linzerstraße and Bahnhofstraße the railway station Hütteldorf. Just a few steps from the railway station away you will find our Hostel Vienna Hütteldorf. That’s why this track is suitable for all of our guests. If you are already in Hütteldorf it is not far to the Palace Schönbrunn and the Zoo Schönbrunn anymore. Just take the green line of the subway and exit at station Hietzing. Therewith you can combine a great hike with sightseeing and at once reach the Schönbrunn palace in less than 40 minutes from the Palace Hostel Vienna.

Hiking track Lainzer Tiergarten

Total distance: ca. 13 km
Duration: ca. 3 hours
Difficulty: medium
More information: Lainzer Tiergarten (German)


Outlook “Wienerblick” at the Lainzer Tiergarten

Our third track starts at closest quarters to the Hostel Vienna Hütteldorf. The Lainzer Tiergarten is a free accessible nature reserve and home to much wildlife within the city of Vienna. If you are lucky you can see boars, sheeps and also deer during your hike through the reserve. Our route starts at the Nikolai gate in the northeast of the park. From there you pass by the Nikolai chapel and via a small pond and some feeding grassland you reach a small hill called Johannser Kogel. There you can take a break or you directly walk on until you reach the tavern Rohrhaus. Recently the tavern was reopened and it offers a big garden restaurant with a great view over the reserve where you can recover yourself. You can strengthen yourself for the rest of the hike with a typical Austrian “Jause”, a meal consisting of dark bread, sausages, cheese, ham and much more, or one of the other typical Austrian dishes. After the break the path leads you to the “Palace of dreams” of the famous empress Sissi. The Hermesvilla was a present of Emperor Franz Joseph. With this little present Emperor Franz Joseph tried to keep his wife who loved to travel more often in Vienna. During the occupation after the Second World War the villa was heavily destroyed and not renovated until the end of the 60’s. Today the villa is a museum which gives its visitors a great insight into the private life of the former Emperor couple Franz Joseph and Elizabeth. After that interesting insight you will leave the park for a short time via the Lainzer gate before you entre it again at the tavern Lindwurm. At the lookout “Wienerblick” you can enjoy the great view over the city of Vienna before you wander back to the Nikolai gate via forests and one of the many lush feeding grasslands. If you arrive the Nikolai gate it is just a few more steps back to the Hostel Vienna Hütteldorf where you can recover yourself in the big garden.