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Hostels Vienna underlie all their principles with a balanced economical, social and ecological acting. Therefore we have developed an ethical index and we take care that our employees at Hostels Vienna not only understand the content but also use our guidelines within their daily routine with colleagues, guests and suppliers.


  • put the human encounter in the centre of our acting
  • live a cooperative believing on all levels
  • improve our image as an open, tolerant partner which in relation to humans and different nations always puts the connecting before the separating
  • treat all persons equal, regardless of origin, religion, colour or sex.
  • do not accept any form of discrimination of sexual, physicals or psychological towards our employees or guests no matter if from our own employees or other persons
  • lay the greatest value on health and security of all employees as well as a secure working place
  • support an effective communication so all our employees can fulfil their work successfully
  • respect the values of others
  • report a potential conflict of interests directly to our supervisor
  • take care of a respectful and fair handling with all our internal and external partners, suppliers, touristic establishments and authorities
  • stand for a quality-conscious, socially responsible and environmentally friendly youth and family tourism