Wiener Eistraum

Every year at the end of winter season the Wiener Eistraum transforms Rathausplatz into Vienna’s sportive epicentre for winter enthusiasts. More than 700.000 visitors came to the Wiener Eistraum last year which make it one of the most successful events of Vienna. Every year the organization tries to improve the event a little bit. Also this year we could see some improvements which we would like to present you today.

Wiener Eistraum from above.

The Wiener Eistraum extends on an area of 8.000 m2. There you got the great opportunity to explore the city hall’s square on ice skates and spent a romantic evening with your sweetheart. Thanks to the great design of the venue the area offers something for everyone. You can try to skate there for the first time and try to learn ice skating or you can show your skills on one of the many tracks. Especially the tiny ice channels through the park area can also be a challenge for experienced skaters. The venue offers you everything you need in order to enjoy your time. 2.000 pairs of skates are available for visitors and they are also heated so you do not freeze ;). If you do not need all your belongings during your time on the ice you can use one of the many lockers and also helmets are available for your kids. They also took care of the catering. Like in the last years the gastronomic concept is based on traditional, regional and organic cuisine. Whether you would like to try Austrian classics like potato dishes, ribs or special pancakes you will definitely find some great food there. Food trucks represent a culinary novelty this year. For the first time Viennese food trucks have the possibility to present their offer. That means more selection and international cuisine for all visitors.

Smoked salmon is also available at the Eistraum

If you are tired of ice skating after a while you can have some fun with some friends at one of the curling facilities. In Austria a special type of curling called “Eisstockschießen” has a long tradition. In the past it was mostly played on frozen ponds and streams but nowadays also the Viennese city dwellers enjoy a game of curling. Similar to normal curling your main aim is to push your stone as close as possible to the target. It’s not very easy of course. Unlike normal curling the target is also moveable which means that also the last shot can change the whole game J. For beginners that is a bit too much strategy and tactics. For us it is all about fun and having a great evening with some friends.


Wiener Eistraum

Where: Rathausplatz, 1010 Vienna

When: daily from 9.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.

Admission fee: € 7,50 per person

How to get there: From Palace Hostel Vienna you can take the U3 from Ottakring to Volkstheater and from there you take U2 to Rathaus. From Hostel Hütteldorf take U4 to Karlsplatz and from there U2 to Rathaus.