Eurovision Song Contest – first appearances

The Finish punk band PKN

On Monday the first bands came together at the Wiener Stadthalle and started to practice for the ESC. The delegations of Belgium, Armenia, Moldova, Greece, Estonia, Finland and Netherlands were the first one who could enter the spectacular stage. Meanwhile the interviews were the most interesting part of the event. While Eduard Romanyuta from Moldova was brightly speaking of a childhood dream coming true Loic Nottet from Belgium seemed a bit nervous or even shy. Also Trijntje Oosterhuis from the Netherlands was speaking of a childhood dream coming true. However she really set the cat among the pigeons with her dress giving a real deep insight. After being asked if she would be nervous because of the fact that her country was last year ranked as second behind Austria she easily answered that an artist should never feel scared about any situation however she is aware of her responsibility. With the Estonian duo Elina Born and Stig Rästa as well as the Finnish punk band PKN two favourites could also practice. Especially the only 85 seconds appearance of PKN was kept in mind. During the interview with the band consisting of musicians with mental impairments the interpreter had to struggle a bit sometime.

An outstanding Monday @ Cafe Leopold

In the evening the first Eurovision night took place at the Cafe Leopold. Especially fans really enjoy those events as it is one of the few moments where they can find artists within the crowd. Also that time. The Armenian delegation was one of the first guests. A bit later fans had also the possibility to meet the artist form Montenegro, Azerbaijan and San Marino. While the ESC expert Marco Scheuder mixed ESC classics with modern beats the main act and Viennese DJ duo Möwe took care and changed an average Monday into a weekend Saturday.

But this week a lot more will come. The whole week you can find many great events and jam sessions within Vienna’s calendar. Today the artists of Slovenia, Albania, the Czech Republic and Georgia take part in a jam session at the Albertina. And on Friday you can enjoy the delegations of Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark at the Nordic Night at the Chaya Fuera.